Plinth presented at hockey lunch - Wein included

Award recognises long contribution to hockey from 75-year-old
Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015
Horst Wein award

The plinth presented to Horst Wein

Horst Wein, the world renowned hockey and football coach, was last week the surprise recipient of a plinth handed to him by the president of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) Leandro Negre. The inscription read: “Horst Wein - in recognition of his contribution to the development of hockey world wide”.

The presentation was made at a luncheon, held to mark Wein’s 75th birthday last Wednesday, at the Real Club de Polo in Barcelona.

Negre was one of two FIH presidents to attend the gathering, the other being another former Spanish international, Juan Calzado.

Wein, a former German international with a university degree in physical education, became a top coach after his playing career, leading Spain to their first ever European title and an Olympic silver medal. He was the first to be awarded the title of FIH Master Coach and also the coach of the first ever European team for their match with Asia in 1975.

After helping to guide the future of the game in the 70’s and 80’s, football became interested in Wein’s wide knowledge and today in the world of football (especially youth football) he is known as 'the coach of the coaches'. He has carried out coaching assignments in one or both of his sports in 53 countries.

Horst Wein

Horst Wein

Wein has also been the prodigious author of 36 books. His first book, The Science of Hockey, has sold more copies than any other hockey book and equally successful is his book Developing Youth Football Players.

Horst has majored in the ground-breaking concept of 'game intelligence' in football and hockey since 2002, He lectures about this on all continents.

Some time ago he has created FUNhocKEY, a revolutionary game on four goals which stimulates and develops creativity and game intelligence for children under ten years.Nowadays it’s possibly the most attractive and effective tool for all countries to start their hockey in a correct way.

Wein not included

Some guests at the Wein luncheon. (L-to-R) Leandro Negre, Patrick Rowley, Juan Calzado and Jaime Comerma.

Horst’s 75th celebration luncheon was also attended by Patrick Rowley, the former international sports journalist and editor of World Hockey; Jaime Comerma, a former Spanish team manager; Khodadad “Jimmy” Jamaspian, the first Iranian international umpire and former FIH official; and Horst’s sons, Christian and Nicholas.