Organisation sink media in press game

6-3 the final score in open game at Olympic Park
Sunday, June 26th, 2016
Press vs Organisation 2016 Champions Trophy

Press vs Organisation - 2016 Champions Trophy

The Hockey Makers, an enthusiastic organisation team of volunteers at the Champions Trophy, beat a depleted media team 6-3 on the main pitch at Queen Elizabeth Park on Thursday.

The weather which caused such a huge traffic snarl up the day before, led to quite a few of the media team, including two former internationals, arriving too late to play.

A few of the international teams playing in the Champions Trophy, had they watched, might have learnt the value of using all the pitch. It produced a delightfully open game.

The media were particularly distressed at the absence of the chance to have video referrals, especially as one of the umpires wore the same colour as the organisation team. 

The organisation attack as Pat Rowley defends

The organisation attacks as Pat Rowley defends

Pat Rowley was invited to captain the media side. He played in the first ever press v organisation match at the IFWHA tournament in Leverkusen in 1967. He has never forgotten the heading on the front page of Hockey, the German magazine "Rowley masterminds press win".

He recalls that he could hardly move (back trouble) that day and stood in the centre circle just passing the ball on, mainly to the then German editor of Hockey (Rudolf Dreisilker). Nepotism was rife back then.

One had to turn to an inside page to read a report of the international tournament.

More action from the game

More action from the game

On Thursday, the skipper persuaded Andrew, the husband of Olympic media mogul Jayne Pearce, to join him in defence though the Irishman had never played before. His game was described as whole-hearted but somewhat unpredictable.

Aurora Mears, a Holcombe goalkeeper who had been outstanding between the posts, was adept on the field in the last quarter with Rowley stepping between the posts.

Another to shine for the media was a former England international Lynn Morgan.

Press (blue) vs Organisation 2016

Hands on: Press (blue) vs Organisation 2016

Elizabeth Furber, a goalkeeper and York University student, will always remember scoring her first ever goal. She put the Hockey Makers in the lead. Jade Bloomfield (2), the amusing Katie Bent, Chris Wardale and Neil Monk scored the other organisation team goals.

Rodrigo Jaramillo, Aurora Mears and FIH media operations manager Richard Stainthorpe scored for the press.

Press (blue) vs Organisation 2016

Press (blue) vs Organisation 2016

It was fitting the Hockey Makers won. They did a great job ensuring the success of the Champions Trophy event.