Saturday, July 30th, 2011

England men’s squad to defend their European Nations Cup victory of 2009 in Amstelveen, as would have been expected, shows few changes to the squad which played in the London Cup a week before selection. Indeed out go just two, Simon Mantell and Ben Hawes, making way for the return from injury of Ashley Jackson and Matt Daly. Jackson and Daly will provide England with additional options at penalty corners, they also have the highest goal strike rates of the current England training squad.

The selected squad looks well capable of retaining their European title. Do you think this will be the end of an Olympic dream for Simon Mantell and Ben Hawes.? We would be interested in hearing your views.

England Squad for 2011 European Cup, Monchengladbach August 20th - 28th B Middleton Capt. (Club An Der Alster); N Brothers, J Clarke, R Mantell & I Mackay (Reading) M Pearn, G Kirkham & A Jackson (East Grinstead); R Moore (Wimbledon); R Smith, N Catlin & I Lewers (Loughborough Students); J Tindall, R Alexander & M Daly (Surbiton); A Dixon & A Wilson (Beeston); J Fair (Cannock).