Media facilities at the knockout finals weekend

Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre 29 April - 1 May 2017
Friday, May 5th, 2017
Giselle Ansley opens the scoring in the cup final

Surbiton's Giselle Ansley opens the scoring in the cup final. Photo: Tim Reder

The media facilities for the KO Finals at the Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre were the most low-key I can remember at such a tournament but they were appropriate for the event itself.

The handful of journalists and photographers present were still adequately served.

There was no press room but, instead, the press seats (with table) in the main stand were equipped with internet connection, which I personally did not use but appeared to be working satisfactorily.

Food and drink had to be purchased – at steep prices – either in the kiosk on the concourse or in the officials’ rest area where teams ate after games. This was technically a restricted area but flashing one’s identity tag at the steward on the door always gained untroubled access.

England Hockey’s Beth Moorley (with two Hockey Maker assistants each day) provided her usual efficient and cheerful results service to the EH website via the Altius TMS system, and, with 27 matches played over the three days on two pitches, all the games were given the same brief match reports which was satisfactory.


Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre

The exceptions were the two finals which got fuller coverage while Communications Manager Craig Mortimer-Zhika, present on Day 1, provided a link with GB’s promising start at the Azlan Shah Cup in Malaysia. However, the announcement over the PA system that Barry Middleton had scored a hat-trick in the 5-3 win against Japan proved to be widely off the mark.